How we operate

How we operate

How we operate?

We truly believe and have adopted ourselves to the following business process that has given us the edge and made us so successful in our business over the past 21 years.

Here is how we go about customer interaction.

  1. Our Customers reach us out from Website by sending an enquiry, Call us at our toll free number, chat with us etc. 
  2. We understand their concerns, clarify their doubts, provide suitable information, set the right expectation and most importantly ensure they have got the requisite information. 
  3. When they are ready to book, we send out an email to the customer, giving all the tour package details and a payment link to process the payment. 
  4. Once the payment is received, we would issue the e ticket and provide all the necessary post sale support to our customers. 
  5. On the day of travel, we would send out an SMS to them, reminding them of things to carry, provide driver and transport details and ensure they have a easy check in process. 

Why we believe in this model more than the pure online payment gateway system is the fact that, despite technology being so user friendly, there is always a need for the tourist to be certain about what they are doing is right and not get into making mistakes. It is just not about financial implications that can happen when a customer does a mistake online, it is also about the amount of anxiety, tension and helpless feeling that we would like our customers, not to have.

We truly believe in our mission statement, Cared – Relaxed.