Adventure Tourism

Adventure Tourism

There are many different types of adventures to be had in Karnataka including Paragliding, Parasailing, trekking and much more.

Parasailing is one of the most popular adventures that people engage in here and it is entirely controlled. The parasailer is put into a harness, which is then tied to the jeep with a rope and the fun begins when the jeep starts moving.

Paragliding is another good adventure to have here and the adventure can last for up to 3 hours, giving you amazing bird eye views of the country. The best place to go Paragliding is at Nandi Hills, where the airstrip is in the middle of wild grass.

Kuduremukha is the 2nd highest mountain peak in Karnataka and the Western Ghats and is the perfect place for trekking. This trek can take anywhere from 7 hours to longer and gives the most amazing views of lobo mane, forests, waterfalls and even an abandoned church.

Kodachari is located in the district of Shimoga and the best thing about this trek is the sunset that can be seen as well as the view of the Arabian sea. The trek to the peak takes around 5 hours and it is thought that 'Shankaracharya' meditated here and there is even a 'Sarvanjna Peetha' to prove it on the peak.

Agumbe is also called Narashima Parvata and is located in the Kudremukha National Park and the trek is only 826 meters. However, there are many different things that can be seen include streams that sparkle in the sun and amazing sunsets in a rustic unspoiled atmosphere.

Kumara Parvata is located in the Western Ghats and is the most magnificent peak of them all and it takes 3 hours to trek to the peak. The trek is beautiful, yet difficult and early winter is the best time to visit.

Tadiyandamol hill is easily the highest peak in Kodagu and is a paradise for trekkers with the amazing views of Kodagu and the Arabian Sea. The best time to come for this trek is during the beginning of winter.

Honnemaradu is one of the best places to participate in any type of water sports including surfing, kayaking, canoeing and much more. There is plenty of food, accommodations and entertainment in this area.