Waterfalls in Karnataka

Waterfalls in Karnataka

Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful creations in nature and they are located all over the world and Karnataka doesn't lack for them.

Abbi Falls can be found in the Western Ghats and it is located around 270 kilometers away from Bangalore. There are several streams that come together on the tops of the mountains and when they swell due to the rains from the monsoon the water flows into Kaveri River and into this waterfall.

Koosalli Waterfalls are located near the village of Koosalli, which is near Kundapara. There are actually 6 waterfalls that are situated on top of each other and they are around 380 feet and the perfect time to visit is September until November.

Alekhan Falls can be found while traveling to Kottigehara as you come from Charmadi. This area is right off the road and is peaceful and amazingly beautiful.

Burude Falls is also called Illimane Falls, and is located around Kyadgi. It is actually 5 different waterfalls and the perfect time to visit is during the winter and in the early summer.

Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls also known as Sootanabbi Falls and is situated relatively near Kudremukh. The waterfall splashes many different rock formations and is around 100 feet tall.

Kemmanungundi is located in Tarikere Taluk and houses a few different waterfalls. These waterfalls include Hebbe Falls, which has a height of 168 meters, and Kallathi Falls, which is around 122 meters tall.

Ulavi Falls are situated in the town of Ulavi and is just one of the vital places of pilgrimage for those who believe in Lingayat. The waterfall isn't very big, but it is still beautiful and is the perfect place for meditation and relaxation.

Waate Halla is also called Hole Falls and can be found around 30 kilometers from the town of Sirsi. The waterfall is fed from the Aghanashini River and is around 100 feet high and also nearby you can find Benne Hole falls, Yana Falls and Unchalli Falls.