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A spectacularly hilly area, Tumkur is located in the administrative district of Karnataka State. The town traverses a great number of river valleys and magnificent hills with more than 4000 feet spreading across the landscape from the North to South. The famous Tumkur hills have styled a natural watershed among the Krishna and Kaveri water systems. In this region you will also see the encompassing forested slopes of Devarayanadurga hills which are the habitat of unique wild life species such as wild boar, leopards and bears.

Tumkur is also the headquarters of the administrative district spreading over a land area of 10,598 sq km which makes it a busy central hub with loads of industrial activity taking place. The town boasts of a rich cultural heritage where Carnatic music, Togalu Gombeyaata and Dollu Kunitha dances are recognized as characteristic elements of the Karnataka state.

The town is home to many temples attracting people from all over India who also come to see the unique rock formations. The nearest airport is Bengaluru International Airport. Tumkur is also located on the Shimoga-Bangalore rail road for those who wish to access the town via train. There is also the Tumkur bus station where regular buses commute to all the main towns nearby. The high tourist season for Tumkur is generally during October to March.

Naveen Regency Tumkur

Naveen Regency Tumkur

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