Karnataka is blessed with a 300km coastline. Acclaimed as the Karavali, coastal Karnataka attracts lakhs of tourists from across the globe. The Karavali primarily spans 2 districts of Karnataka, being Dakshin Kannada and Uttara Kannada. The natural splendour of this region is a festival to the eye. Facing the Arabian Sea, Karavali is known for its rich culture, clean beaches, sea food and of course, amazing hospitality.

Let’s take a journey across beaches from Dakshin Kannada to Uttara Kannada, where each has a distinct appeal and reasons to visit repeatedly. Mangalore marks the start of Karnataka and the Karavali.

Close to Udupi, which houses the well-known temple of Lord Krishna, and about 14km from Manipal, the International Education Township, is the Malpe Beach. Malpe has a port and is known for its fisheries. Many boats from here lead to St. Mary's island, where the sand is white in colour. This beautiful island is one of its kind. The locals call it the coconut island. Vasco De Gama landed on this island in the fifteenth century, erected a cross here and called it's Padrao de Santa Maria. That's why the name. He then sailed on to Calicut (Kozhikode). Let us now sail on to the next beach.

We pass Bramhavara and reach Baindur. This place is a testimony to the architectural prowess of Tulunadu culture. Ancient temples adorn Baindur. With temple shrines dating back to Treta Yuga, it is said to be visited by Lord Rama. Beachside stay options are available in Baindur. It is also a favourite spot for nature lovers and bird watchers. Surrounded by hills, the view is spectacular. With Kollur just 26km away, this could be a boarding point to visit various other places of interest.

Close to Kundapura, Marvanthe is truly an ode to the glory of nature's magnificence. The sea on one side and a river on the other side. Picturesque plantations beyond the river. Coconut trees swaying a green welcome. A rare sight that is imprinted forever into any heart that beholds. Many activities such as boat riding and visit to islands are organised for those who seek more!

Murdeshwara, a rare location that blends leisure, spirituality, nature, adventure and beauty. This place houses a Shiva statue that is 123 feet tall and is said to be the second tallest Shiva statue in the world. The Shiva temple here is said to date back to the Ramayana era. Many resorts can be found here that offer an array of water sports and other exciting activities.

Gokarna is a small temple town close to Murdeshwara. Gokarna literally means cow's ear since the linga of Lord Shiva is in the same shape. This temple too has its dating back to the era of Ramayana. Over the last few years, many resorts and hospitality destinations have developed in the area. Gokarna is known for its clean beaches. Gokarna is amply dotted with coconut and banana plantations. Om beach is the most well-known beach at Gokarna. Here the beach is in the shape of a Pranava, the Omkara. From adventure sports to ayurvedic therapies, this place has won acclaim for a variety of entertaining endeavours.

Pass by Idagunji from Gokarna to arrive at the Ankola. Ankola is a small idyllic town with temples, mango groves and paddy fields. The perfect place for relaxation, Ankola has about 6 well known beaches which are practically virgin, owing to their strategic location. A few beaches around Ankola are Belekeri beach, Gabitkeni beach, Hanigudi beach, Honey beach, Keni beach and Nadibag beach. Ankola is known for a particular Mango breed called ‘Ishaad’ and of course for its premium quality cashewnuts. Many options for leisure are present to make it a fulfilling vacation.

On the border of Karnataka and Goa lies Karwar. Karwar has the third largest Indian Navy base. Karwar boasts of museums, agricultural fields, beaches and national parks. Many places of interest are in the vicinity and makes for an ideal holiday for those seeking to explore and for those who seek to rejuvenate. Karwar is known for its seafood delicacies. Situated on the banks of Kali river, this place offers the best of both worlds, river bank and sea shore. Bordering on Goa, the options in leisure and hospitality available here are numerous.