Resorts & Hotels in Shivanasamudra


A small town nestling along the River Kaveri in the Mandya District which belongs to the Southern Karnataka, Shivanasamudra has a rich heritage to boast. Asia’s very first hydro electric power station was established here in the year 1902. The region of Shivanasamudra was mainly ruled by Ganga Dynasty starting from the 2nd Century leading to the 11th century. Consequently the sovereign of this region was taken over by Cholas followed by Hoysalas who reigned until 1346. Subsequent rulers include Vijayanagar, Wodeyar Dynasty kings and the Sultans of Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan.

The signature mark of Shivanasamudra is depicted by its rich aesthetic culture of drama and paintings. It is also popular for its abundance of waterfalls which contributes to the all round spectacular views of this little town. The town demarcates the Kaveri River creating two natural waterfalls named as Bharachukki and Gaganachukki. The dazzling waterfalls which are ranked among the most amazing hundred waterfalls in the world merge downstream to flow again as one river.

The town is also a popular Hindu holy pilgrimage destination as it is known as the Lord Shiva’s Sea or Madhya Ranga. The temple of Lord Ranganatha built in the Dravidian Style and home to the renowned sculptures of Lord Ranganatha and the lord of Serpents, Takshaka attracts droves of holy worshippers from all parts of India and around the world. With the Bengaluru Airport located 120km away from the town, Maddur Railway Station and national bus services, the town has ample accessibility. The best time for visiting this charming little town is from July to October.