Resorts & Hotels in Rest House Road

Rest House Road

Brigade road is one of the popular and economical streets in Bangalore which connects many roads of Bangalore which is in Karnataka. Rest House Road is a part of it and has many shops as well as churches where many Christians come for performing their rituals. There are many shops on this road and products available on this road are all latest while the price of most of the items is fixed.

There are many hotels, on this road which are of good standard. Hotel Sapphire, Raaga’s Raiin Tree and Rest Inn are some of the famous hotels on this road. People can book the rooms in advance by an online process by filling a form and by paying through the internet which is a better facility to the tourists who come outside from Bangalore or from any foreign country. Varieties of foods are offered to the people there as well as there is a complete air-conditioned facility in the rooms while in some hotels, there is also a facility of the gym.

There are few famous restaurants also there such as Pecos, Le Rock Pub Café and Taste of Tibet Restaurant. The restaurants do not have as much facility but home delivery service is given to customers on order. There are very few schools on this road as one of the famous and most preferred school is School of Ancient Wisdom.