Resorts & Hotels in Raichur


At Raichur there are very few hotels like Nrupatunga and EAC Kubera Palce. Apart from that, there aren't any other star hotels or resorts in 3 or 5 star category.  

Raichur has a great historical background and is known for imposing raichur fort. Some majestic stone inscriptions have been found in Arabic and Persian languages. Inscriptions are also available in different types of languages such as Prakrit, Kannada and Sanskrit. One of the most memorable things relating to this city is the battle of the raichur that was fought between Adil Shah and krishnadevaraya.

Total population of Raichur was 205634 in the year 2001 and all the people are welcoming and hospitable. They are fully sophisticated and devoted to their work. According to a research, the average literacy rate of people belonging to Raichur is 63%. Lake Aam talab is a pride of Riachur city and it contributes a lot to the majestic beauty of this mesmerizing place.

Many people come to raichur in order to eat an extensive range of appetizing food items. Here you can easily avail any kind of vegetarian or non vegetarian food as per your desires. City of Raichur is well connected by rail with all major cities of India such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Ahmadabad. Nearest airport to Riachur is Hyderabad international airport and it is about 161 kilometers away from the centre of Raichur city.