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Malpe is a gorgeous beach town and a great fishing hub located in the west of Udupi, Karnataka. It is one of the most amazing coastal areas all around the India and located at the jaws of Udyavara River. Largest industry of this suburb is fisheries and many people are also engaged in tile-manufacturing activities. Most famous four rocky islands near to the Malpe are Dairia Bahadurgad, Daria Gadara Kallu, Kari Illada Kallu and St. Mary’s Island.

Malpe is a lovely picnic spot located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Udupi and only 70 kilometers from Mangalore. The nearest railway station and airport is located in Mangalore city. Various private and government buses operate for this fantastic place. This particular town is specifically known for a wide range of seafood but you can also enjoy your favorite vegetarian food here. There is no dearth of restaurants in Malpe and they can provide you dozens of delicious cuisines as per your recommendations.

This place has an immense importance due to its glorious coastal areas. People belonging to Malpe are very hardworking and welcoming. They love to share their ideas and lifestyles with other people. Therefore, you can enjoy your holiday trip perfectly in the beautiful Malpe.

Paradise Isle Beach Resort

Paradise Isle Beach Resort

Paradise Isle beach resorts is one of the finest luxury beach resorts in coastal karnataka. Situated at Malpe - Nestled among 4 to 5 islands, protected by high tidal waves, is a haven for pleasure seekers. Paradise isle beach resort is right on th . . . .


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