Resorts & Hotels in Lavelle Road

Lavelle Road

Lavelle Road is in the Bangalore but now it is a place for throwing garbage as many people throw dump and waste materials on the road without thinking about one’s health. There are many serious problems there and diseases are increasing day by day. But in spite of this, there are many three-star hotels there such as Hotel Regaalis and Melange. Most of these hotels are located in cleaned and charming places and they provide many facilities to the people who visit there such as room service, elevators and sports facilities.

Increasing traffic is another issue faced by people living there. But now days, many five-star restaurants are also opening which is one source of the growing crowd in the city. Ebony Restaurant, Cloud Bar and Museum Inn are some of the famous restaurants there. Many of these hotels have corridors, air-conditioned and home delivery services and they offer different types of stylish foods.

Noise is also one of the main issues on Lavelle Road but the government is working hard and paying attention to improving social conditions there. The educational system is also improved as there are many Montessori, pre-primary and higher secondary schools. Most of these schools are English medium and teachers are paying special attention even on the ethics of children.