Resorts & Hotels in Kollur


At Kollur, couple of good hotels have come up recently. They are Abimon Residency International, Hotel Mookambika Palace etc. Prior to these two hotels, there was Hotel Beena Residency too. There aren't any star hotels or resorts at Kollur. 

Kollur is a popular Hindu Pilgrimage center that is located 40 km from Kundapur and approximately 140 km from Mangalore. The village is located at the foot of the Western Ghats and is well known for the Shree Mookambika temple, which is important for Shakti worship. It is adjacent to the banks of river Sauparnika, surrounded by thick forest.

There are certain beliefs that are associated with the river Sauparnika. For instance, it is believed that Garuda (Eagle) called Surpana performed penance on its banks and eventually reached salvation hence the rivers name Sauparnika. Apparently, the river absorbs 64 different herbs from different roots, an aspect which makes its waters capable of curing diseases for those who bathe in it. It’s easy getting to Karnataka via road. It is a two hour journey from Udupi on the national highway 17, which is 7 km from kundapur. You can board a bus or look for other means of transport like rental cars or taxis. From Kundapur, you can take three different routes in order to reach Kollur.

The first route is through Tallur- Hattiangadi-Karkunje-Vandse, the other is through Hemmadi-Vandse and the third route is through Baindur. The shortest route that you can take from Kundapar to Kollar is the one that passes through Hemmady. The closest railway station to Kollur is Byndoor and the other nearer railway station is Kundapura. The Mangalore International Airport is the closest.

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