Hill Stations

Hill Stations

The silver lined clouds amongst the serene blue skies caress the foreheads of the tall lush-green hills, the smell of wet earth and drenched wood wafts in the breeze with a tantalising aroma that invigorates the senses, nature seems to have spread a green carpet in your welcome, the swaying trees wave at you, the mist descends to embrace you, the gurgling streams dance to the symphony of exotic bird calls, the cosmic signature of the creator is inscribed in the environs, you might next expect angels to pop out of the environs to greet you, you must have reached paradise or perhaps a hill station at Karnataka!!

At an elevation of 1090 metres, Chikkamagaluru has been the preferred destination to tourists worldwide. Known as the coffee district of Karnataka, the name Chikkamagaluru literally means the town of the younger daughter. History suggests that this town was given as a dowry by the then chief of Sakrepatna. Karnataka Tourism has taken many measures to propagate the tourism in this region by granting many subsidies for the opening of home stays. It is verily a treat to the senses to stay in this region that is blessed in abundance by nature. Mullyanagiri hill, which is the highest peak in Karnataka is about 12km from Chikkamagaluru. From temples that are centuries old to wildlife sanctuaries, this is truly a place for those in search of nature's bounty! A number of perennial rivers originate in this region. The Bababundangiri range in fact one of the highest mountain ranges between the Himalayas and Nilgiris.

Madikeri, another piece of paradise unveils itself. Also known as Mercara, Madikeri is the headquarters of the Kodagu or Coorg district. Madikeri has won many titles, a few of them being; Kashmir of South and Scotland of India. Perhaps this beauty instigated the British to occupy it for over 100 years. The alluring fragrance of coffee, cardamom, pepper and other spices lend an intense character to this place. It is also where the river Cauvery is born. The Gangas, Kadambas, Cholas, Kongalvas, Changalvas, Hoysalas and Nayakas have established their empires spanning Kodagu which itself is testimony to the grandeur of this place. Madikeri is known for agriculture and more so, for its impeccable hospitality. A treat for trekkers, a delight for historians, a treasure trove for chefs, a temple for nature lovers, a textbook for legend hunters, Madikeri has the best of everything to make you feel at home, wherever you are from. Discover Madikeri to rediscover yourself.

Kudremukha is a picturesque location which literally means horse-face in native Kannada. It is Karnataka 3rd highest peak. The Kudremukh National Park is one of the largest reserves which is home to many exotic wild animals. This range is declared Tiger Reserve as a part of the Bhadra Tiger Sanctuary. This region is home to thousands of perennial streams which come together to form 3 main rivers of Tunga, Bhadra and Netravathi, which are indeed a lifeline to the people of Karnataka as well as Andhra Pradesh. The different animals that can be spotted here include tiger, leopard, wild dog, elephant, panther, gaur, sambar, boar, muntjac and many species of monkeys. This is a must-visit destination for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. The best part of staying here is the availability of tents and cottages which makes you gel with nature. Consider it a getaway to lie in the lap of nature. Away from urban commotion, back to where we came from. Truly, a pilgrimage into the pristine embrace of nature.

Kemmanagundi, another exotic destination literally means Pit of red mud, since the area is rich in red soil. This place was a royal destination for Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV who had his summer retreat here. As a mark of respect, this hill is also called Sri Krishnarajendra Hill Station. The cascading streams, lushgreen environs and rich flora transport you to a wonderland, and leaves you with moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. It's like walking into a wallpaper literally. Many waterfalls nearby add to a great experience and spots such as Z spot and Raj Bhavan give you a spectacular view of the sunset. Don't forget your camera, but surely, this place will remain etched in your heart for life