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Jog Falls

In some reviews, the Jog falls have been considered the most exciting region in western Karnataka. This can be attributed to the scenic beauty which surrounds the place attracting all tourists. The place is about 105 km from Shimoga and is adjacent to the river Sharavathi which has four falls, Raja, Rocket, Rani and Roarer.

Jog falls is created by the Sharavathi River, which falls from a height of 253 meters. The other names for these falls are Gerusoppe falls, Jagada Gundi and Gersoppa falls. Unlike most of the high falls in India, Jog falls is untiered meaning that it drops directly without streaming onto rocks. According to the waterfall database, Jog falls has eighty three scenic points.

All four streams are named appropriately according the perception of trajectories. Raja is named so because of its peaceful and dignified fall which resembles the character of a king. Rani has a fall which resembles the movements of a dancer hence the name Rani standing for queen, Roarer on the other hand has a lot of rocks which make a lot of noise. Last is noise which has a large volume of water which flows from a small opening hence the name rocket. The best time to visit the places is shortly after August. The nearest domestic airport to Jog falls is Hubli, which is 130 kilometers away. The closest railway station is Talaguppa.

KSTDC Gerusoppa Hotel

Located in a region that is densely forested, the Jog Falls, also known as Gerusoppa, is India’s highest waterfalls. Ranked among the world’s best, the spectacular cascade sees the Sharavati River leap 956 feet into a gorge with a thun . . . .


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