Resorts & Hotels in Hospet


Hospet is a city that is located in the Bellary District of northern Karnataka. It is situated on river Tungabhadra and is twelve kilometers from the world heritage site that consists of the ruins of Vinayanagara, which is a medieval city that was the capital city of the Vijayanagara Empire. Hospet was built by one of the rulers of Vijayanagara, who was known as Krishna Deva Raya. He built it in the memory of Nagalambika, his mother. The city is small but well connected from a number of important cities in India. The closest city to Hospet is Hubli. Hospet has a market area that is well developed.

Hospet is just 40 km from Bangalore and is one of the regions which play a major role to the stability of Indian tourism. It is also close to Hampi, which is the site to mediaval Vijayanagar Empire which is just 13 km away. You will have access to the Tungabhadra Dam which harnesses the sweet waters of the Tungabhara River. At the base of the river, there is a garden which is styled in Japanese.

Hampi which is easily accessible from Hospet is one of the most exquisite ruins in Karnataka. It is ideal to travel to the place from September to February when the climate is accommodating. You can be accommodated at the hotel Mayura although there are many other accommodation facilities in Hospet. The cuisine is great and staff will be cordial throughout your visit.