Resorts & Hotels in Hoskote


Hoskote is a location falling under the rural district part of Bangalore as it is about 25 kilometers away from the main Bangalore City. It is a Taluk consisting of 5 hoblis namely Anugondanahalli, Sulibele, Kasaba, Jadagenahalli and Nandagudi. The Taluk Hoskote geographical area consists of about 54,857 hectares and the local population depends on agriculture for their main source of income.

Some renowned colleges and educational centers located within Hoskote are Bright High School, Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, Citizen English School and Al Ameen Residential School. Hoskote is popular as a tourist destination for para-sailors and bird watchers. The Hoskote village atmosphere with its rustic sceneries is well liked by visitors who enjoy the calm and serenity of rural lifestyles. Some of the popular events held within the vicinity are the annual Avimukteshwara Jatre and the Karaga where over 10,000 people gather to celebrate.

Some of the most sought after destinations in Hoskote are the Kote Anjaneyaswamy Temple with its history of 800 years and the temples located in the old fort area. In terms of accommodation there are many options to choose ranging from star class hotels to budget friendly hotels. The Hotel Unique Residency, Vivanta by Taj, Evoma and Unwind Island are just a few to name.