Heritage temples

Heritage temples

There are around 35,000 temples from different religions and devotees that come from all over the world to visit them. These temples give the devotees peace because of the locations, which are located on top of hills and on the riverbanks.

Haveri is one of the towns in the state and there are many different temples in this city. These temples include Basavanna and Siddhesvara, which dates back from the 11th century.

Kaginele is also called Kaginelli and is a small village in the district of Byadagi. This village is home to many temples, which includes Adikesava, Lakshmi, Kalahasteshwara, Someswhara, Narasimha, Virabhadra, and Sangameshwara.

Gadag is one of the cities in the district of Gadag and is home to many popular temples. These temples include Trikuteshwara, which has 3 different shrines for Surya, Brahma and Shiva, along with Vira Narayana, and Someswhara temples.

Annigeri is a small town in the district of Dharwad and is famous for the Amruteshwara temple that was constructed from black stone. This temple has 76 pillars that function as roof support and carvings of many different mythological people on the walls.

Lakkundi is a very small village that can be found in the Gadag district and houses around 50 different temples. The most popular ones are Laxmianarayana, Basavanna, Mallikarjuna, Manikeshwara, Nadayadeva, Neelakanteshwara, Suryanarayana, Virabhadra, Vishwantha and Virupaksha.

Hampi is located in the ruins that are known as Vijayanagara and is home to the Virupaksha temple. Other the Virupaksha temple Hampi is home to others, including Achytaraya, Chandramauleshwara, Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy, Hazara Rama, Krishna and Vittala.

Badami, which was once known as Vatapi, is one of the towns located in the Bagalkot district. Here you can find temples that are made of sandstone including Cave temples 1, 2, 3 and 4 with each of these caves being dedicated to different gods and having intricate carvings and designs.