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Hassan is a serene town which can be accessed by road or rail and offers a variety of accommodations that one can select depending on preference. Shravanabelonga is accessible from Hassan and is just 51km from Karnataka. Shravanabelonga holds the interest of many tourists since it harbors the 1000 year old monolith of lord Bahubali.

Belur which is just 38km from Hassan was once the capital of Hoysala Empire and still has some of the exquisite temples. The Chennakeshava temples are one of the touristís favorites having taken 103 years to complete. Besides the architectural marvels, the temple has intricate sculptures; you will also be astounded by some of the smaller temples and shrines citing the Veeranarayana as an example. Hassan lies 934 meters above sea level and has fine weather. It hosts the Indian Space Research Organizationís Master Control Facility. Channa Krishnappa Naik who was a chieftain founded the city in the 11th century. Its name was derived from that of the Goddess Haasanamba.

The city is a hub of Broad gauge railways to Bangalore, Birur and Mysore. The railway line to Mangalore was converted fully to broad under the Unigauge project in 2006. There are two express trains that ply between Mangalore and Bangalore and they connect Hassan with Mangalore and Bangalore. The national highway 48 connects Mangalore to Bangalore and passes through Hassan.

Hoysala Village Resort

Hoysala Village Resort

Hoysala Village Resort is situated amidst beautiful serene countrysides, lovely quaint villages & fabulous old civilizations to visit. You will really welcome the in between rest and refuel concept at hoysala village resort. Lush trees, shrubs . . . .


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