Resorts & Hotels in Devanahalli


Devanahalli is a town which was called Devandahalli and Dyaavanhalli and there were quite a few more names. This is the town which is 30 kilometers away from the city of Bangalore. This town is in the northeast direction of the city. This place is most famous because of the Bangalore International Airport. This is the second largest airport in India and one of the most latest constructed airports in the country.

Apart from the newly constructed airport, this area has many more things to offer to you. There is a multi million dollar worth Devanahalli Business Park. Along with that, there is the ongoing project for construction two IT parks within a very short period of time. The project also includes Aerospace Park and Science Park. In short, all these are the parts of 1000 crore worth financial city.

So, in short along with being the IT city of the country, Bangalore and its various areas like Devandahalli is working very hard to become one of the best IT regions in the world. It is the aim of this city to make the IT areas the best in the world and somehow comparable to the Silicon Valley in the USA. Needless to mention the fact that, with time, aim and perseverance, Bangalore will reach that height.