Customer Type

Customer Type

Over the past 21 years, we have seen one common pattern about our Website Visitors who become our customers subsequently.

A person visiting a travel website for information invariably has all those information in many places. Be it, travel Websites, Facebook, blogs etc. Over load of information will not help a person to finalise the tour. It can only give him/ her a direction towards it.

We have understood needs and wants of our customers and built our business model around that. Here is a list of customer type, who really loves to interact with us, ask us questions, get needed support and finally book with us. We have today become successful only because we get to speak to following types of customers. 

We are pretty sure; you too would belong to one of these types of prospective buyers from our Website.

1.        I have seen the complete itinerary, tariff and other details on your Website. However wish to speak in person, get minor details clarified and then book. 

2.       There is lots of information on the same tour package at various Websites. Not sure, which one is providing the right information.  Confused currently and wish to be certain before booking. 

3.       I am not from Bangalore and no relative/ friends stays there.  I want to understand various points of the tour like pick up location, distance from the place we stay, whom to contact etc. 

4.       We do have the facility to pay by Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net banking. However it is good to know, whom to approach in case there is a technical issue. 

5.       My parents/ family members are travelling and they do not understand the local language.  How can we still take this tour? Who will give us assurance that we will have a good memorable trip? 

6.       Last time, we had booked a tour package online and there was a mismatch of what we understood and what was actually provided to us. We do not want the same to repeat this time. 

7.       We would be comfortable in speaking to the same person in the organisation for each and every query of ours and not get connected to a call centre system.  

8.       I am ready to book now. How can you help me finish the payment process?