Cuisine in Karnataka

Cuisine in Karnataka

Every state has their own dishes that are unique and delicious. All of the dishes have been inspired by many other states and their cuisine.

Roti or bhakri is simply a thin piece of flatbread that is made of jowar flour and then cooked in an iron skillet or the fire. They can also be made with wheat or bajra flour.

Enne-gai or tumbu-gai is also an essential part of a vegetarian meal in Karnataka. They are small bulbs of badane kaayi that are filled with a dry stuffing, which is made of ginger, ground sesame, garlic, peanuts that are grounded, salt, garam masala and are sauteed along with spices and onions.

Shenga or ellu chutney is a dry or powder chutney that is essential to the meal. It is made from sesame or peanuts that have been grounded.

Kempu khaara is also known as ranjaka. This is a paste type chutney that is made from red chillies.

Bele is also known as kaalu palya and is quite simply lentils, which could be masoor, togari, hesaru or kadale and prepared with different types of greens including spinach, methi, spring onion and sabbasige. The lentils can also be sauteed along with ginger, garlic, onions and other required spices.

Mosaru bajji is also known as raitha and is a salad. However, this salad is made using yogurt and can have many different vegetable combinations along with spices.

Saaru is one of the staples and it is a spicy soup. This is made using cumin, pepper, tomatoes, coriander seeds, and tamarind.

Bisi bele bath is rice that has been cooked along with daal. This is a very rich dish and consists of vegetables along with spices and is often a bit sour.

Chitranna is rice that has been cooked and given flavor from the spices. It is typically cooked with turmeric and mustard seeds that were cooked in oil.

Mosaranna is also called curd rice. This dish can be cooked with lentils that were fried and mustard seeds that were cooked in oil.

Maavinkaayi chitranna is another one of Karnataka's sour dishes. This dish is cooked using different spices and the raw mango, which adds the sourness.

Avalakki is simply flat rice that has been cooked after it had been soaked. The akki, or rice, is then cooked with turmeric, cumin seeds, peanuts, green chilies, onions and is garnished with cilantro and shredded coconut.