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The corporation of Bangalore was established way back in the year 1862 and after that it has gone through various changes and ups and downs. Various things about the corporation changed for a lot of times, but the basic has always been the same. It had the responsibility to look after the people living within the control of the corporation. There is the mayor and the deputy mayor for looking after the administration.

The corporation and its members are selected through a voting procedure every 5 years. The result is decided by the popular vote. Depending upon the vote and its results, the council of the corporation members is created. Along with that, the mayor and deputy mayor are also selected through the voting procedure, but they are elected for a period of one year only. These posts are filled through the quota system with a schedule cast or tribe or other backward class female candidate.

The candidate must have to be one of the elected councilors and only then she can vie for the post of the mayor or the deputy mayor. If a committee is absent then the administrator or the commissioner takes charge of the corporation. These posts are filled by the state government and they also look after all the civic and infrastructure needs of the city.