Resorts & Hotels in Church Street

Church Street

The Church Street can be taken as the extension of the Brigade Road. There are various retail outlets and restaurants and pubs in this area. This street has been named as Church Street because of the nearby St. Patrick’s Church. Keeping with the tradition and culture of the rest of India, Bangalore also has this church and the street has been named after the church. This is quite busy an area.

The Church Street is mainly known for its restaurants. There are a lot of very good quality restaurants and a lot of up market hotels and eateries. You can hop into any one of them and enjoy any kind of cuisine you want. Indeed the southern part of India is known for its unusual but delicious taste, but here you can find almost anything.

The retail outlets are also there and you can shop as much as you want. This area is indeed one of the most perfect for both the businessmen and shop owners and the buyers. You can go there to buy things you like and then if you feel hungry the restaurants are always there to fill your stomach and welcome you. So, you no longer have to roam around the shops with a bad mood and a craving for good food.