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Byndoor is a village located in the Udupi district of Karnataka. It lies in the Kundapura taluk in the state. The popular attractions of this town are beaches in this town of costal Karnataka. It is 45 Km away from Marvanthe beach of Kundapur taluk. Amazing sunset is one of the common exquisitenesses by which travelers are drawn here in Byndoor. It is indeed glorious and charming scenic beauty of this beach.

Tourists drop in at this location to enjoy the amazing environment of Byndoor. Apart from this, there are temples which are places of interest in this region. Seneshwara Temple is prominent attraction of Byndoor in religious context. Ramakshatriya Hindus are predominantly found over here with considerably low population of Hindus and Muslims. Nawayati is the name given to the Muslim population residing here who belong to Nawayth community.

The Nawayat families of Byndoor believe in Islamic school of thought and are known to be of mixed blood race. The traces of their ancestry belong to Persian and Arabs. The mother tongue of these Muslims is Nawaythi which is a mixture of Arabian and Persian. The Muslims speaking Urdu are known as Dakhnis which implies they belong to Deccan region.

Sai Vishram Beach Resort

Sai Vishram Beach Resort

Sai Vishram beach resort is an exclusive Vegetarian, non-Alcoholic Beach Resort, spread across 24 acres of lush greenery near Byndoor, about 130 Km from Mangalore. Designed with a rustic flavour, amidst lovingly-nurtured gardens full of beautiful . . . .


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