Resorts & Hotels in Bidar


Hotel Sapna Continental and Hotel Shiva International are two of the known hotels in Bidar. Apart from that, there are few budget hotels too. 

Bidar has got its origination from the term ‘Bidiru’ which refers to bamboo. Particularly, this city of Karnataka had bamboo cluster initially and hence it was given the name of ‘Bidarooru’, ‘Bidare’ as well as ‘Bidar’. It is situated Northern region of Karnataka. In geographical terms, it is almost located at the central Deccan. In historical terms, it lies in eastern most Deccan.

The name Bidar reminds of its famous Bidri handicrafts. The local people of this city rely on Manjira River for drinking water. Due to its height of 2017 ft, this Kannada city is comparatively cooler. Bidar draws the attention of tourists with its renowned historical monuments. These monuments represent the history of Bahamani era. In the 3rd century B.C, this city was a famed Mauryan Empire. Bidar has seen more rulers after Mauryas. In ascending order of their succession, these rulers were, Satavahanas, Kadambas, Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas.

Bidar represents historical monuments built in different era of History. The architecture found in this Kannada city is mixed. The beliefs of Hindu, Persian and Turkish were utilized during the carving of these structural buildings. Bidar monuments may at times prove to serve unique sightseeing due to their exceptional designs.