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The secrets of the jungle unwind as you go deep into the seemingly silent forest. Birds whistle their favourite songs. Monkeys chatter incessantly. Elephants trumpet in delight… Welcoming you to discover their magnificent land.
A lone Macaca

Yes, the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary in the Chikmagalur & Shimoga Districts, is one of the most fascinating sanctuaries. Sheltering some exquisite flora & fauna. The great Indian Gaur, Barking Deer, Flying Fox, Mongoose, Elephant, Panther, Macaque, Babbler, Barbet, Bluejay, Kingfisher, Robin, Weaver Bird, Drongo….have all made their home here. So the next time you're looking for some adventure, don't forget to include Bhadra on your list. Or else, you'll be missing out on some real wild excitement

River Tern Lodge

River Tern Lodge

River Tern Lodge, part of Jungle Lodges and resorts, is situated in the midst of western ghats of chikmagalur district, surrounded by lofty hill ranges of bababudanagiri. It is a perfect blend of nature & wildlife. It is located on a hillock, . . . .


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