Resorts & Hotels in Banaswadi


Banaswadi is a place located in Bangalore in Karnataka in India. There are two main areas in which this city is divided, first is Chicka Banaswadi while another is Dodda Banaswadi. It is multi-cultural area as diversified people live there as there are many residential areas. There are also famous hotels in Banaswadi such as Hotel Diya which is air-conditioned and there is also a separate smoking area. Nandhana hotel and Alpha hotel are also famous in this area.

It is located in the southeastern region of Karnataka and the population there is about 6.5 million so it is considered as one of the densely populated city in India. It is famous mainly due to Veeranjanaya temple but there are also quality of doctors as well as cleaned hospitals where patients are given proper treatment on time and medicines of good qualities are also available to them. There are also many restaurants in this area such as 18 China Town, City Kitchen Restaurant and Degchi Restaurant. They all provide home services as well as most of them are air-conditioned.

At a distance of about 12 kms, there is an airport which is nearest to Banaswadi. There are also many schools in Banaswadi and most of these are English medium such as Apple Kids, Euro Kids and St. Vincent Public School. They teach all skills to the children while all schools are having well infra-structures.