Resorts & Hotels in Avenue Road

Avenue Road

Avenue road and Old Taluk Kacheri road are two famous streets in Bangalore. It is also known as Doddapete road and is famous as heart of Bangalore due to some reasons as jewelry; clothes as well as textile are well-known there due to their manufacturing quality. There are also some well known hotels on Avenue Road such as Hotel Konark Residency which have coffee shop as well as restaurant in it. Janatha Hotel is also famous there where many tourists go for staying purpose.

Many people visit there for just walking purpose as a separate path is built for pedestrians. There are also many shops for those who want to do shopping as variety of items are available as well as few shops are made in an old fashioned. There are many restaurants there such as Kamat Restaurant, Iyer Restaurant and Ganesh Prasad Restaurant. They provide luxurious facilities to people such as take away or some of them give home service but most of them do not have the facility of A.C.

Many people love to save all the natural scenes on Avenue road and also bargain on different is a trend there as people enjoy it. One can observe and feel modern as well as life of past parallel while visiting or just by wondering. There are also many good schools there from which some of them are pre-primary while others are secondary and high school. E.g. Udaya High School and Kamala Centre School are recognized ones